All The Tools You Need To Know Your Ayurvedic Constitution.

Explore your mind/body constitution so that you can align with nature, enhance your immune system, extend your lifespan, and realize your unique purpose. 

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Every person has a unique mind/body type called dosha.  Knowing yours can help you to determine ideal dietary and lifestyle practices for balance.


Digestion is the epicenter of your immune system.  Knowing your digestive type can help you to bring balance to your body with food, spices and herbs.


There are 3-primary mental tendencies influenced by our lifestyle habits.  Knowing yours can help you to cultivate emotional peace, concentration and focus.


Every person has a unique purpose to realize. Unfortunately access to our purpose is often blocked by our traumas, shadow, and subconscious desires. 

Go beyond dosha to understand your true nature.

Most ayurvedic assessments stop after they tell you what your dosha is and leave out essential concepts and vital information about who you are. In this workshop, you will learn your dosha, but you will also know your mind type, digestive tendency, purpose, and shadow so that you can be a creator in your life with a robust immune system and a content mind.

There is nothing more distracting than being sick, out of balance, and suffering from a lack of self-care.

Ayurveda's primary concern is keeping the physical and emotional body healthy through diet, herbs, cleansing, and harmonious relationships so that sickness does not distract a person from realizing their real purpose. It is challenging to become your authentic self when you don't feel well, your relationships are draining you, and you lack proper self-care.  Ayurveda is integrative and addresses the mind, body, spirit. 

It is time to begin the journey and to know yourself. 

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