Coaching program for chronically stressed entrepreneurs and business professionals who want to avoid burnout.


More Resilience. More Vitality. Less Stress.

Create a RESILIENT LIFE and reverse imbalances caused by lifestyle or chronic stress.

Are you a business professional who is out-of-balance, exhausted, or suffering from an imbalance related to your lifestyle choices, trauma, or chronic stress?

Do you want the kind of energy and clarity that gives you resilience so you can create the life you desire?


The path to healing is not in a book, guru, or program.  It is in you.  Let me provide you with the tools that will cultivate inner mastery so that you can have that happy and healthy life you deserve.” - Monica Yearwood


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Entrepreneurs and driven career professionals need special care to help them remember the importance of holistic wellbeing to avoid burnout. My clients are ambitious heart-centered men and women who tend to put their professional and personal relationships before their wellbeing. Over time, this leads to poor boundaries, an inability to say no, overwork, stress, and exhaustion. Even though my clients are professionally successful, they often feel out of control because they have been running on autopilot for so long.

One of my favorite things that I love to hear clients tell me is that they notice how much better they feel in conjunction with a distinct change in their behavior and mood. They are no longer overworking, moody, irritable, and feel like they let go of issues they struggled over for years. Resilience, clarity, health, and purpose become a permanent fixture in their life-supporting growth. 

I can’t believe it. I feel better on all accounts. My digestive issues are completely gone, and I no longer feel the anxiety I had before starting your program.
— Cindy Trim
Monica is a great lifestyle coach. She provides accurate guidance, meditation techniques, mechanisms for dealing with stress, and guidance on living a healthy and holistic lifestyle. Monica comes with great precision, experience, and expertise in this area, and I strongly recommend her to anyone who would want to change their stressful lives.
— Sameer Purandare
I turned to Monica after a traumatic event happened in my life. I was looking for relief from anxiety, depression, grief, and a new way forward that included healthier eating and lifestyle practices that I could apply to my daily life. The program that she created for me was exactly what I was looking for and needed.
— Alissa Kruegar

“When I took Monica's program, I felt a very real difference in my energy levels. I feel much healthier and clearer now, I'm much more balanced, I lost some unnecessary pounds, and I don't get tired in the middle of the day anymore.

Monica very patiently handled my seemingly endless stream of questions and she worked with me to customize the program to my very specific needs. She is everything you can ask for in an practitioner--knowledgeable, compassionate, and truly devoted to her craft.”

— J. Daquilanea

Enrollment opens on a rolling basis throughout the year. Sign up below to be notified when enrollment re-opens.

“The program I did with Monica gave me the tools and the knowledge to change my life. It taught me how to naturally heal my digestive system, safely experiment to find out what my body needed and what it was not able to handle and taught me how to reset my intestinal probiotics.  Today, I no longer fear leaving the house for long periods of time, eating outside of my home, and I have more energy and ability to focus than ever.”  - Kayla Anderson, Chicago, IL 

"I experienced TOTAL alleviation of anxiety (an omnipresent struggle with which I've had little to no success in treating in the past). And most significantly -- I have experienced a sustained mental clarity, sense of balance, felt more in touch with my body and more acutely aware of its needs."  - Margaret Rehyam


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Enrollment opens on a rolling basis throughout the year. Sign up below to be notified when enrollment re-opens.