Heal, Rejuvenate, & Discover In Your Personal & Private Ayurvedic Retreat.

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Our private retreats are for anyone who wants to heal physically, emotionally or spiritually with ayurvedic therapies. 

Start with an ayurvedic consultation where you will receive an assessment, lifestyle program, diet, and general guidance for any health issue(s). 

Your consultation fee will be prorated toward your retreat with us. Have questions about our retreats?  Email us and we will set-up a time to talk with you.

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3-Days of transformational healing to ignite your true potential and release what no longer serves.

You have a special purpose to realize in this life, and you know you have a unique mission. Your primary desire is to actualize your soul’s mission, but you know that you have to release what no longer serves and take radical responsibility for the life you are creating. 

You are ready to say YES! to more peace, clarity, emotional harmony, self-trust, and magic in your life, but you need guidance.

This is an invitation to join me in a sacred, intimate partnership for 3-days of invocation, release, purification, and intention so that you can overcome resistance to the right relationship, financial success, and pure joy. 

“I truly walked away from this experience changed in the most positive ways possible and am looking at life through a new lens.”

I turned to Monica after a traumatic event happened in my life. I was looking for relief from anxiety, depression, grief, and a new way forward, including healthier eating and practices that I could apply to my daily life. The program that she created for me was exactly what I was looking for and needed. Each day was filled with new, interesting components, from powerful meditations, customized extremely relaxing and pampering treatments to delicious teas and home-cooked meals. I felt completely cared for as if my own mother or grandmother was nursing me back to health.”

Alissa Krueger


What stops you from achieving or receiving what you want in life? Your dream life, your dream body, not just who you want to be but how you want to feel?

We’ll need to declutter your current life; it’s time to create some space to arrive at what you want.

Your 3-day retreat at Hamsa begins with a free consultation and interview where Monica will spend about an hour with you exploring your health and personal history. She will use this information to craft a customized 3-day program  that includes invocation, emotional release, ritual, and bodywork to break through self-imposed limitations and to step into alignment with your truth.

Your 3-day program can be customized to reduce imbalances in the body, enhance digestion, regulate immunity and balance weight.


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“I now feel connected to my true purpose and I do not doubt my path.

Over the years, I have noticed that I call Monica when my healing requires more subtlety, depth, and nuance. The effects of last year’s program grow noticeably stronger, like tea steeping in the sun. Monica created processes and ceremonies that connected me to my ancestors and Higher Self. I now feel connected to my true purpose, and I do not doubt my path. My confidence and self-knowing come from a deep place within. Whether Monica supports you through detox or helps you heal your psyche and spirit later in your healing, she will help you. The healing journey continues to transform, and I am grateful for a practitioner who so clearly sees the next step. Do yourself a favor and trust her sage insight” - Lisa Myers

Monica has been customizing private retreats since she finished her apprenticeship under Dr. Light Miller in 2006. In 2013, she opened Hamsa Ayurveda & Yoga and trained dozens of therapists in the modalities that she learned from various teachers and cultivated on her own. One of her specialties is tarpana, an ancient practice of emotional release and ancestral healing. As an herbalist and an aromatherapist, she can formulate your herbs, supplements, and oils to enhance the efficacy of your 3-day program.


“The letting go ceremony was one of the most powerful experiences that I have had in all my years of therapy, meditation and other self-awareness activities.”

S.N., PhD

What happens during your retreat?

Your first day begins with an invocation ritual to open the ancestral lines for healing and support. We inherit many of our lessons from our ancestors, and including them in your healing process is very powerful.

Through a guided practice with Monica, you will learn to connect to your heart and speak what you want out loud. Many clients report that saying their true desires out loud is something they never really did before.

Following this, we re-align you with your true nature, allowing your inner self to be expressed. Emotions, trauma, and belief systems can be held in different parts of the body.

We may, at this stage, work with replacing some of your belief systems, rewiring your nervous system, and creating new connections in your brain and body.

Rebirthing breathwork, tarpana, emotional release techniques, and ayurvedic body therapies are used to facilitate release, energetic purification, and diffusion of beliefs deep in the unconscious.

These are excellent tools to assist you in understanding your subconscious and helping you to build the relationship between you and yourself, between the masculine and feminine aspects of yourself, and the physical and mental with the spiritual. Additionally, we can get to the secondary gain you have for your feelings, behaviors, and life creations during this time. Shining a bright light on your subconscious so that you can be free to step into your idealized self.

You will spend about 3.5 hours with Monica each day, and the rest of your day should be spent used for reflection and doing additional assignments prescribed by Monica as indicated.


What Comes With Your 3-Day Retreat?

Typical Schedule

9:30am Arrive, Tea & Check-In

10am Meditation& Invocation

10:30am Ayurvedic Treatments

12:30pm Shower & Closing

What Types Of Ayurvedic Treatments Do You Offer On My Treatment Days?

How Do I Get Started & Program Fees

How To Get Started 

The best way to get started is with an ayurvedic consultation with our ayurvedic practitioner.  During your consultation you will receive an assessment of your constitution, ideal diet, lifestyle program and general guidance regarding any health issues. 

If you decide you would like to go further with a retreat or other coaching program, we will prorate the consultation fee.  


Fees (all inclusive)

Our retreats include a month-supply of your herbs, oils, and supplements — In addition, you will be given supportive lifestyle practices and a customized homebased cleanse program to strengthen the efficacy of your treatments with us.  There are no hidden or additional fees for your program.

3-Day Private retreat with Monica & Apprentice $3,450

3-Day Private retreat with one of Monica's apprentices $1,925

* If you choose to work with one of Monica's apprentices, you will still receive everything else included in the program.  Monica will create your program, blend your herbs, and do all of the consultation work.  Monica will not give you your treatments or be with you on the days that you are at Hamsa. 


 Book An Ayurvedic Consultation To Discuss Your Private Retreat

Start with an ayurvedic consultation where you will get an assessment, lifestyle and diet program. Your consultation fee will be prorated toward your retreat with us. Have questions about our retreats?  Email us and we will set-up a time to talk with you.

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Important Things To Know, Policies, What To Bring

Important Things To Know

We are so grateful, interested, and excited you want to work with us. Here are some essential things to know about our retreats.

We are not licensed health practitioners and do not practice Western medicine. We do not treat, diagnose, or assess disease. We cannot make augmentations or recommendations about your medications. We encourage you to discuss your health issues with your health practitioners.

We are healers using the ancient healing modality of Ayurveda to foster healing mind, body, and spirit. We use emotional healing, ritual, somatic bodywork, diet, herbs, and purpose to support and balance our clients' lives.

We look at health through an ayurvedic lens to consider the emotional traumas, mindset tendencies, and lifestyle practices that manifested imbalance through an ayurvedic lens.

Payment Policies

Programs of this length involve multiple practitioners and clients, personalized products, and individually made herbal medicines and oils. When a cancellation occurs, it negatively impacts our therapists and those clients we turned away.

For these reasons, a 50% Non-Refundable tuition of these programs is due at registration.

This deposit allows Monica to construct your program and order and make the oils and herbal blends required for your treatment by hand. This deposit also covers any initial consultation work before your treatment days with us and your homework as indicated.

If you need to cancel or change your dates for your program, we will credit your 50% deposit to your program with us, but we will not issue a refund. You can use this credit up to one year.

The remainder of your retreat fee is due two weeks before your first treatment date begins with us. This is non-refundable.

We understand emergencies occur, and we do not want to be inhumane. If you need to cancel your retreat with us because of an illness or emergency, we will work with you to the best of our ability to reschedule your retreat, but we cannot guarantee that we will be able to honor your request.

What To Bring

We are a full service ayurvedic center with showers, locker rooms, a relaxation area.  We provide robes, tea, and a healthy snack customized for your constitution with us on your treatment days.  

Please dress comfortably (yoga or exercise clothes).  We use all organic shampoos, soaps, and toiletries.  

The only thing we do not provide is slippers.  If your feet get cold or are sensitive please bring a pair of socks or your own slippers. Our center is very warm and carpeted throughout.


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