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You can break the cycle of painful relationship patterns and recover from work burnout.

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Does This Sound Like You?


  • You are a professional man or woman who is successful in most areas of your life, but you have painful and repeating relationship patterns and you don't know why. 
  • You want to break the cycle for good
  • Prioritize other people and work on your to-do list, but you have yet to get to you.
  • Suffer from a health issue you know would improve if you took better care of yourself.
  • Tend to overdo, overgive, and overwork in your personal and/or professional relationships and want to establish better boundaries.
  • And lastly, you know the path you’re on needs to change or you could be headed for full blown burnout, illness, or that you’ll be stuck in this cycle forever.

If you said yes to one or more of these, you could be a good candidate for my Be Resilient For Life Coaching Program.


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About Monica Yearwood

Inspired by her own experience while building a business in a niche field from the ground up, Monica Yearwood developed her signature VIP coaching program, 'Be Resilient For Life,' which helps professional men and women recover from work and relationship burnout. She is also the founder of Hamsa Ayurveda & Yoga where she specializes in customized retreats for men and women looking to heal, replenish, and rejuvenate. She has been in practice since 2006.

“The program I did with Monica gave me the tools and the knowledge to change my life. It taught me how to naturally heal my digestive system, safely experiment to find out what my body needed and what it was not able to handle and taught me how to reset my intestinal probiotics.  Today, I no longer fear leaving the house for long periods of time, eating outside of my home, and I have more energy and ability to focus than ever.”  - Kayla Anderson, Chicago, IL 

"I experienced TOTAL alleviation of anxiety (an omnipresent struggle with which I've had little to no success in treating in the past). And most significantly -- I have experienced a sustained mental clarity, sense of balance, felt more in touch with my body and more acutely aware of its needs."  - Margaret Rehyam

"I recently did a program with Monica and was blown away by the results. Not only were Monica's remedies healing and powerful (I'm back to my pre-pregnancy weight!), but her close support made the experience that much more satisfying." 

— Rachel Holtzman

"I found the daily self-care rituals of meditation, goal setting and staying clear about my intentions and what I want to be profound and extremely helpful. I am so glad that I did your program. I have no digestive issues whatsoever, and I feel no anxiety or worry. Plus I lost 15 pounds!" 

— Danielle Schrieder

"I was very skeptical, but suffering from weight gain, acne, and overall exhaustion. What a life changing event! Of course, I had so many questions throughout the program, but Monica was right there to guide me, provide me with alternative ideas and overall support. I can honestly say that I lost the 12 lbs, gained more energy, and completely was rid of acne. I have been an advocate ever since."

— Nicole Shepard

“When I took Monica's program, I felt a very real difference in my energy levels. I feel much healthier and clearer now, I'm much more balanced, I lost some unnecessary pounds, and I don't get tired in the middle of the day anymore.

Monica very patiently handled my seemingly endless stream of questions and she worked with me to customize the program to my very specific needs. She is everything you can ask for in an practitioner--knowledgeable, compassionate, and truly devoted to her craft.”

— J. Daquilanea

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