You are an entrepreneur or business professional with a unique purpose and big goal.   Your work is important to you.


You know your body, mind, and soul need to be healthy in order to accomplish your  purpose, but you are out of balance.


You are tired of diets, supplements, and superficial lifestyle plans.


You might have a lifestyle or stress-related disease caused by, or made worse, by your daily lifestyle choices.


You want to stop grasping and over extending yourself and look within.


You're looking for a healthier way to live, but you don't know where to start, and you want guidance.


You are ready to go deep and gain inner alignment mastery.


5-Steps To Be  Resilient For Life

Created For Success Driven Entrepreneurs & Business Professionals


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Today We Will Be Discussing How To:

  1. The specific practices entrepreneurs and success driven professionals need to cultivate resilience physically, emotionally, and mentally.   

  2. Unlock your mind and release the limiting beliefs that are trapping you in a negative stress mindset so that you can enjoy your work again.

  3. Get your energy, joy, and vitality back.

  4. Enhance your immunity, digestion, and cultivate resilience.

  5. Interrupt the stress response so that you can get out of fight or flight. 

  6. The most important gut-healers for chronic stress and anxiety. 

  7. How to get UNSTUCK and create lasting change without relying on willpower.

Hi, I'm Monica...

I am an entrepreneur and recovered workaholic. I understand what it's like to want to realize a big dream even if it costs you your health and most precious relationships. 

I hit a hard wall back in 2010. Either I could choose endless work and poor boundaries while trying to take care of everyone else, or I had to put myself first. I chose the latter. I was lucky when my body said no. 


Since then, I've developed an affinity for high achievers, entrepreneurs, and business professionals with a burning desire. You know you're on a mission, but your body, health, relationships, pay the price. 


I want to help you find the balance between your dream and being present so that you can be healthy, vital, happy, and have clear thinking.


I am a cleansing and detox expert with specialties in herbalism, meditation, yoga, and Ayurveda.


I have guided thousands of men and women from all over the world through health programs since 2006, and I am the founder of Hamsa Ayurveda & Yoga in Chicago.


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