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Introducing Hamsa Ayurveda & Yoga Virtual Programs And Private Retreats 


Our programs are designed to teach out-of-balance, exhausted, stressed-out men and women (like you!) resilience and a healthy lifestyle.

 We’re talking about the kind of lifestyle that elevates “coping strategies” from the stress management status that everyone tries but rarely believes will actually make a difference… something that extends your lifespan, reverses the impact of chronic stress, improves your mindset, and gets you out of low energy, overwhelm, and exhaustion, and that empowers you to create the life you desire.

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  • you feel out-of-balance, exhausted, or stressed out.

  • you're living on autopilot and disconnected from your purpose.

  • you're overwhelmed by life's challenges.

  • you have a lifestyle related health issue — inflammation, weight issue, skin disorder, digestive issue that gets WORSE with chronic stress.


Be Resilient For Life Ayurvedic Lifestyle Masterclass

"The retreat created for me was exactly what I was looking for and needed. Each day was filled with new, interesting components from powerful mediations, customized extremely relaxing and pampering treatments to delicious teas and home cooked meals. I felt completely cared for as if my own mother or grandmother was nursing me back to health"

Retreat Testimonial
Alissa Krueger

"Hamsa Ayurveda is the best thing that has happened to me regarding my health. With the huge amount to stress (personal and professional front) and with unhealthy eating habits, I started having frequent mouth blisters on my tongue and boils on my chest and back.I am at a point and place where my mouth blisters have not come back AT ALL in the 5-6 weeks time span and I could see that change within the first 15 days of my treatment. Monica is a great practitioner where she not only provides accurate guidance but also have provided me with meditation techniques, mechanisms for dealing with the stress and guidance on living a healthy and holistic lifestyle. Monica comes with great precision, experience and expertise in this area and I strongly recommend Hamsa to anyone who would want to change their stressful lives."

Retreat Testimonial
Sameer Pundakeer

"I found the daily self-care rituals of meditation, goal setting and staying clear about my intentions and what I want to be profound and extremely helpful. I am so glad that I did your program. I have no digestive issues whatsoever, and I feel no anxiety or worry."

Retreat Testimonial
Danielle Schrider

"I hope you are well, and happy Friday. I just want to tell you about my experience with healing the, 'Path Of The Moon' program! I completed the workshop this morning, including the future self meditation. And I just cannot thank you enough for this offering. For your facilitation and your way. From the very first minute I really appreciated how genuine and honest you sound/are. You are clearly not just reading from a script, but listening, witnessing yourself, paying attention, being present and meaning what you are saying."

Path Of The Moon Virtual Program Testimonial
Koren Salajka

"Many thanks again for the panchakarma experience! I feel like a different person, which is a very good thing. I did panchakarma to help facilitate a major shift in my life, and that was accomplished. I know I will incorporate much of what I learned during the experience and that it will continue to benefit me throughout the rest of my life. Monica, you and your staff are highly professional, experienced, warm, kind, and supportive - I cannot thank you enough."

Retreat Testimonial
Jill Welsh

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