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Transform your life.  Learn how to live in alignment with your truth. Heal. Experience a customized retreat with us in person at our Chicago location or at home with one of our virtual programs.

Professional certification program begins February 2022.

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About Hamsa 

Developed in India about 10,000 years ago, Ayurveda “The Science of Life”, is a holistic medical system that teaches lifestyle is a potent medicine.  

If you are stressed-out, exhausted, out of balance…

If you are grieving, recovering from trauma, or trying to let go of a relationship that no longer serves you…

If you are looking for a compliment to allopathic medicine…

If you are suffering from a digestive issue, excess weight, skin disorder, or autoimmunity...

We can help you.

It is our mission at Hamsa to carry out Ayurvedic traditions in a heartfelt way. With our roots deep in preventative practices, we provide customized private retreats and virtual programs to restore balance by focusing on Ayurvedic Medicine & Lifestyle.

Professional training program coming February 2022!


Our Dharma: To provide loving communication, to nourish and elevate your innate healing capabilities, to provide a safe, positive, spiritual and intimate space, and above all to serve. Our culture and ethos of service exudes in to all areas of our practice: to respect your vulnerability, history, and well-being. We carefully and diligently ensure that every room in Hamsa is sacred, calm, and profoundly healing. Our purpose and passion is to serve and heal, and walk alongside you on your path to transformation.

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